There are so many benefits to consuming and incorporating LeanPasta into your daily lifestyle, which is why the team at LeanPasta have created a 30-day challenge to those who want to improve their health, well-being and create a better, more active lifestyle.

How does it work?

Its really simple! Follow the below 3 step process and you’ll be on your way to a healthy, Lean lifestyle!

STEP 1: Purchase the LeanPasta 30-Day Challenge Pack. You can choose from Capellini (Angel Hair), Spaghetti, 5 String Fettuccine, Penne, and Spinach Fettuccine options.

STEP 2: Create your 30 day meal and workout plan. We recommend you incorporate only 1-2 LeanPasta meals each day into your plan and balance this with a healthy, nutritious meal plan and active lifestyle of regular exercise.

Our website includes a list of useful recipes you can adopt or create your own. LeanPasta is very simple to prepare and the combinations of sauces, seasonings and flavours are truly endless!

STEP 3: Get Started! Let us know how you’re getting along by connecting with us on Facebook, Google+, Instagram or Pinterest. We are there to support you through your 30-day challenge!